French school accredited by AEFE

The French School of Banjul was set up in 1984 as an French teaching establishment overseas.
It is an international school, currently with 110 students of more than 15 nationalities.

The school is accredited by AEFE (the French government agency in charge of teaching French abroad). The teaching conforms to the French requirements in terms of the topics covered, the approach taken and the method of teaching.

We welcome children from the age of 2, in the Toute Petite Section of the nursery, to the Lycée (the completion of secondary education).

The classes in the nursery and primary school are ratified by AEFE. The teaching in the 6th and 5th classes are in direct instruction. The teaching in the high school, from 4ème to 1ère, is carried out with the assistance of CNED (National Centre of Distance Learning), and the students are supported by qualified teaching assistants.

Teaching is conducted in French, but also in English (certain topics included in the French programme are studied in English). 

In secondary school the students can choose a second foreign language (Spanish, German or Arabic)

The qualifications achieved, such as the DNB (Brevet des collèges), are recognised internationally. Similarly, students leaving our school have the right to join any other French teaching establishment in France or abroad.

School facilities:

A Library with works in French and English at the Alliance Française

6 classrooms, one of which is equipped with an Interactive Digital Board.

A computer in each classroom with internet connection.

An art room.

A multi-sport playground.

School materials are supplied by the school and come from France. Up-to-date textbooks and workbooks are also ordered.

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