Congratulations to all students, from the TPS to the CNED, for their commitment to the project webradio! Congratulations to the very involved teaching team!

Interviews, broadcast preparations, sound research, sound editing ….

All the pupils of the school are preparing for their big webradio broadcasts, which will be presented and broadcast live, from 12 to 15 February 2018. Dear listeners, see you soon!

For this 4th consecutive and last year of the “Pagnes et palabres” zone project, the inspection team of the French Schools of West Africa proposes to you to continue the implementation of the Moral and Civic Education and the citizen journey through the project “PHILOPHOTO” which will exploit the different forms of debate practiced at school.

In order to highlight the reflections, the ideas, the syntheses, the different points of view which will not fail to emerge from these exchanges, we propose to express them through a little art developed at school, photography.

This zone project aims to support teachers in the implementation of the two courses:

  • The civic and moral and civic education, through the exploitation of a kit of books of youth literature selected according to themes of the EMC.
  • The course of artistic and cultural education, by the realization of plastic productions. This year, photography will be in the spotlight.

The project will conclude with the organization of exhibitions in “museum” spaces set up in schools, in public places where appropriate, but also by the constitution of a “virtual museum” on the site of the IPEF will present at the end of the year the digital traces of school work: texts, photographs, slideshows, animated films, documentary films, audio reports (in connection with the Webradio project), …

The project is open to all GST classes at 6 ° and all schools in the area.

Teachers who engage in the project will use the literature albums AND work on photography.

Reminder of themes:

– 2015/2016: The other / the friendship, the difference, the dispute / mutual aid, the emotions.

– 2016/2017: Boys / girls, clothes.

– 2017/2018: The environment.

– 2018-2019: art and beauty, machines and men