Dear students, teachers, staff and families of the French School of Banjul,

We have embarked on a new academic year with ambition and determination, while remaining true to our fundamental objectives: to make all our students succeed by leading them to excellence, “their” excellence.

However, in this context of crisis, I wanted to thank you for your trust and your support in this “distance school” which is very trying for you all.

Thanks to you, your children and the teachers, we have taken up the challenge of starting the school year outside the school walls.

The school should reopen on Monday, November 2, 2020. It will then be necessary to continue the school project, by developing the following axes:

  • Develop language proficiency in a multilingual context;
  • Promote an inclusive school by developing support for students in difficulty and non-francophone students, ensuring the harmonious management of diversity, education “with the difference” and solidarity to allow everyone to find the forms of its development;
  • Open our establishment to the context of the new Gambia while reaffirming our membership of the AEFE network and our desire to serve the Francophonie;
  • Develop the educational offer on new technologies, provide citizenship education and awareness of sustainable development.

Finally, I would like to thank the Parents’ Association for the work accomplished and the AEFE for its ongoing support.

Happy school year to all !

Matthieu Montauzan

Head Master

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