The nursery school welcomes students from 2 to 6 years on 4 levels of classes (TPS, PS, MS, GS).

Since the beginning of the 2015 school year, nursery has been a unique cycle. It is the first step to guarantee the success of all students. It adapts to young children taking into account their development.

A primordial place is given to language and manipulation.

It is defined in three main axes:

  • A school that adapts to young children.
  • A school that organizes specific learning methods.
  • A school where children will learn to live together.

The courses are organized into 5 learning areas:

  • Mobilize language in all its dimensions. 
  • To act, to express oneself, to understand through physical activity.
  • To act, to express oneself, to understand through the artistic activities.
  • Build the first tools to structure your thinking.
  • Explore the world
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