Rates valid for 2018/2019:

1st registration fee for primary: 100 euros.

Tuition: Annual fees, in euros.


Primary School
High School
French, Gambian Other nationalities French, Gambian Other nationalities
1st, 2nd child 2 360 3 040 3 020 3 850
3rd child 1 180 1 520 1 510 1 925

School supplies: Package of 60 euros, Kindergarten and elementary only.

For the COLLEGE and the LYCEE: Registration fees at the CNED:


Paper + Digital Version Digital Version
COLLEGE 1000 649
High School 1000 779


It is possible to register a child at any time of the year.

To enroll a child, you must:

  • His school record
  • His vaccination book
  • Proof of nationality
  • Make payment for the next quarter and registration fees
  • Have a radiation certificate issued by the former institution

A child already educated in France or in a registered establishment is admitted, by right.

A child who has been educated in another school may be tested to better understand his level and to be able to offer schooling adapted to his abilities.

You can download here the documents necessary for registration

Tarif des inscription 2018-2019

High-level factsheet EFB 2018 2019

Exit authorization Elementary school

Exit authorization CNED

Authorization right to the image